Feb 2016

Meet the Designers: Kylie Gabbard

by Admin

JP_160121_323-3Kylie began her career at PritchardPeck Lighting in 2012 as the team’s first designer, and now with her 8 years of experience she brings excellent design ideas and management capabilities to our residential projects as well as an unparalleled fashion inspiration to our office.

Where did you grow up/cities you’ve lived in? It’s actually a trade secret that I was raised in the OC of Southern California. Luckily, living in Paris and then almost 10yr in New York got rid of the tan and weeded out any clothes that weren’t black.

What drew you to lighting design? My background is a fine art with a degree in Glass Blowing and Sculpture. I started making chandelier sculptures on the side and my sculpture just kept getting larger and the glass component seemed “unfinished” without light to highlight it.  I think I’m always chasing that delighted surprised feeling of seeing glowing molten glass change its shape and color into an entirely new form, not unlike light itself.
What aspect of architectural lighting is your favorite? This one is actually not a secret…I live for my Clients. I love creating work that people can experience and live in. The more eccentric the Client the better!
Hobbies/Inspiration? Fashion and the event of self expression is a big one. Artists and designers, like Michele Lamy, Pam Hogg, Peter Marino, who are living their own expression of art and life are fascinating to me. Otherwise, art, yoga and my 4yr old pretty much rule my life.
Any moments that defined what you wanted to do with your life (professionally)? Ha! I wish it was more clear. I, like many people, came into Lighting Design through a side door and am still surprised at how life evolves and where it takes you.